Advanced Digital Vaporizing

Digital RipperThe Ripper now has a Digital Battery Display and useage counter so you can get the most out of your portable vapor pen!

Perfect for Essential Oils

Extended RipperThe Ripper integrates the superior functionality of convection technology with the convenience of transportability, all in one compact design. The Ripper comes in three different designs, black and white.

The Ripper Original

The Ripper Original Vaporizer is ideal for anyone that wants to snowboard down a mountain, play tennis at their club or spend a productive day at home on the couch.

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The Ripper Digital

The Ripper Digital is equip with an LCD that displays battery life as well as a usage counter. This feature enables you to estimate how long your battery will last!

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The Ripper Extended

The Extended Ripper has 69% more battery life! For those of you who are on the go this is the vaporizer pen for you!

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